Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Am I Too Jealous..??

I'm just an ordinary girl...sometimes ada kekurangan yg org npk but di sebalik kekurangan,

ada kelebihan yg Tuhan bagi.....Mood arini sgt gloomy...don't know why....kepala pun rasa mcm

berpusing2..pening...darah naik kot.....Back to the topic, Am i too jealous ? YES I AM...........

HOW TO CURE..........

First of all determine if you are a jealous person. You can do this by looking at the definitions

above of jealousy and see if you demonstrate any of these characteristics. We have put a little

questionnaire together to help you with this task. As you do these exercises be open and honest

with yourself to determine if you are possessive to anyone that you are presently involved. So

let’s take a few minutes to work through this together by asking your self the following questions

and answering them candidly:

1. Are you demanding in any of your relationships? An example of this could be that you get upset when the person does not call you everyday or spend time with you.

2. Do you find yourself possessive of another person? Let say that when they are with other persons, do you feel that they should be with you or you feel you should know where they are at all times.

3. Do you find that you begrudge relationships of the other person to others or yearn for the person to have the same relationship with you? You think they have more fun with the other person than with you and you don’t like it.

4. Do you try and monopolize the other person’s moves as well as their time? This may come when you try to control their moves by always making a plan that involves them whether they like it or not.

5. Are you too protective of the other one? It is ok to be concerned about their safety but stop wanting to know where they are all of the time in the name of friendship and I am worried about your safety. These people are probably grown and can take care of themselves.

Now evaluate your results. You know that you are jealous of another person if you answered yes

to even one of the above questions; so the next thing that you need to do is learn how to find

peace and happiness with in yourself in place of finding it in others. You see the other person;

who you are displaying this negative attention probably doesn’t like this behavior, and pretty

soon they are going to walk away from this relationship. No one wants to feel that another

person is trying to possess them so it is necessary to start looking for peace and happiness within


Find happiness within yourself. Some ways that you can find inner peace and happiness within is

to stop being jealous and controlling of others and see your self as self sufficient because you are

and you can take care of yourself and your needs. See yourself being happy without another

person to control. Take control of your own self, doesn’t it feel good? If you need help feeling

good about yourself then you can take time to meditate (there are classes, books and tapes

available to help you in this area of meditation), take a yoga class, read books, listen to tapes and

actually going to listen and see motivational speakers on topics related to self sufficiency and

finding your inner peace; there are a lot of folk out there who can make suggestions that will help


Know that you are a wonderful human being and you have every thing within yourself that will

get you through this phase; so believe in yourself and work hard to get rid of jealousies and take

control of your life so that you can be healthy and happy.

In closing if this doesn’t work after a reasonable period of time then seek the advice if a

counselor. Just remember that you are one beautiful piece of work and you don’t need to be

covetous in relationships so cure yourself of jealousy now.

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